Fluid Management - Oil Cop Fluid Management System

If you have been hesitant to install a fluid management system, or not happy with the complications or features vs. benefits found in currently available fluid management systems, you will be impressed with what the OilCop Management system has to offer. 

OilCop system architecture, both hardware and software, is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability. importantly, the OilCop incorporates independent, self-contained, proprietary software thereby eliminating the need to load software onto existing office computers, which may be subject to conflicts with operating systems, especially when these systems are upgraded over time. 

Reliable communication is accomplished via self-healing, wireless mesh technology that achieves maximum reliability, range and coverage. Alternately, the OilCop system can easily be hardwired in cases where wireless communication is not appropriate, nor desired. Additionally, an important feature of the OilCop Fluid Management system is the flexibility to access the system in many ways, i.e. using PC’s on a customer’s local area Network (LAN) and/or WiFi enabled laptops, tablets or smart phones, thus eliminating the need to purchase additional hardware. 

Optional “Technician Access Consoles” (TAC’s) are also available as input devices for dispensing stations if desired. 

An OilCop system can accommodate any quantity of dispense points with virtually unlimited distance capability. The modular OilCop system can be easily configured to fit any service bay layout requirements including one reel per bay. A single Fluid Command Module (FCM) can control up to four independent dispense points that can operate simultaneously if desired. Communication speed is not degraded when multiple simultaneous dispensing operations occur since the OilCop system incorporates distributive process capability, thereby not loading down any single module. Each Fluid Command Module (FCM) has on board buffering capability and communicates independently with the Oil Cop Controller (CTR). Dispense operations, simultaneous or otherwise, can be conveniently monitored via any network office computer, smart device, technician access Console (TAC) and/or an OilCop remote LED display (RED). 

Another unique feature of the OilCop system is the mounting of the metering and communications components conveniently near the solenoid control valve and hose reel, rather than at the end of the hose. This has the distinct advantage of protecting this most crucial piece of equipment from damage or abuse. Plus, it eliminates the need to constantly recharge metering control handles, improves communication reliability and eliminates the possibility of damaging and having to replace a very expensive control handle/meter. It also improves operator efficiency by replacing a heavy and bulky control handle with a much lighter and more compact dispensing handle. 

Ease of installation is another positive strong point of the OilCop system, the system is designed to be easily installed by the user. Since it is a wireless system, there are no wires to run from the Controller (CTR) to the Fluid Command Modules (FCM’s), or the remote LED Displays (RED’s). the only wire required is a simple, short run, 4 conductor cable connection between the Pulser/ solenoid Module (PSM) and the Fluid Command Module (FCM). However, in keeping with providing maximum flexibility, the entire system, or portions thereof, can be hard wired if desired, using two conductor cable, making it a simple plug and play installation.

OilCop Movie      https://youtu.be/Ww0l35nM130

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