Fluid Management - Oil Cop Junior Fluid Control System

State of the art technology allows the OilCop Junior to be the perfect solution for maintaining control of fluid inventory in small shops with limited number of dispense points and fluid types. 

The OilCop Junior system has many of the features found in larger more expensive Fluid Management systems, but is designed to address the needs and concerns of smaller shops. It is simple to install, simple to operate and simple to maintain, while providing the security and tractability shop owners require. 

Features such as three security levels of Pin Code assignments (Administrator, Manager and Technician) allows positive control over who is authorized to dispense fluid, assign PIN Numbers, change Pin Numbers, Tank inventory, Tank reorder alarm along with many additional features. 

The system will allow only those technicians with valid PIN Numbers to dispense fluid and will tie each dispense operation to a work order. The technician can choose to dispense a preset amount or perform a manual dispense. A record of the last 2,000 transactions (date, pin #, work order, fluid type, fluid quantity) is maintained and can be easily downloaded to a flash drive for transfer to a PC. 

Each OilCop Junior will handle any combination of 4 hose reels (dispense points) and 4 products, i.e.; one product and 4 dispense points or 2 products and 2 dispense points, etc. Each OilCop Junior Console (JRC) is complete with its own keyboard, digital LCd display and 115 VAC power supply that powers not only the Junior Console (JRC), but also feeds power to each Pulser/ Solenoid Module (PSM) which can be located up to 1,000 ft. away. 
An available optional printer (PRT) can be connected directly to the OilCop Junior (JRC), or may be remotely located wirelessly. The printer can be dedicated to an individual OilCop Junior Console (JRC) or shared with any number of Junior Consoles wirelessly.

To provide a remote indication of what is being dispensed during a dispensing operation, a brightly lit LED display (RED) is available. This display can be connected wirelessly, or if desired may be hard wired via a two wire connection.

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