Fluid Management - Tank Monitoring

• Automotive and Light Truck Dealerships
• Heavy Duty Truck Dealerships
• Off-Road Maintenance Shops
• Fleet Facilities, Quick Lubes, Service Shops
• In-Plant Industrial and Lube Rooms
• Bulk Tank Farm
• Plant Automation
• Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication
• Data Collection

• Remote access for multiple location usage, inventory control and 
“Keep – It – Full” supplier programs
• The OilCop fluid management system can be accessed using existing 
PC’s, laptops, tablets or smart phones via local area networks or Wi-Fi
• Uses wireless self-healing mesh network and/or two wire communication
• Easy upgrade to comprehensive fluid management system with capability to track work orders, 
usage by fluid type, operator, date, time along with many additional features
• Asset Condition Monitoring Portal
• No monthly fee or “ping” charges for remote tank monitoring


• No monthly fees or “ping” charges for remote tank monitoring information

• All software is embedded in system components, eliminating need to install software

• Multi – level security access 

• Remote access for multiple location monitoring and inventory control

• Secure website allows zero cost customer access to extended features and support

• Ability to download inventory information from multiple OilCop tank locations

• Portal for fluid suppliers to access customer tank inventory 

• Software update notifications

• Equipment Sentry monitors status of Tank monitor, sends E-Mail notifications

• Discrepancy Tracking System (DTS)

• On-line user manuals

• User defined high level, low level alarms and reorder alerts

• Delivery reports

• Designed for Lube Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Used Oil, Antifreeze, 
Windshield Washer Fluid, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), Mild Chemicals and Water
• Each Tank Monitor Module (TMM) supports up to four tanks
• Monitors 55 gallon drums and up to 30 ft. tanks
• Tank probe fits through 3/4 inch opening
• Fluid level accuracy of 1/8 inch.
• Can control on/off function of electric or air operated pumps
• Audible and visible alert notifications
• Active Tank Level Monitoring- Tank Monitor controls the time product can be removed from tanks.

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